Friday, 8 November 2013

U Learn Takeaways

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Umbrella: Equity of learning, for everyone. Collaboration. Using the tool to cause learning.
Mark Pesce: Craptastic World. The digital divide is temporary. Every moment of peer sharing is a moment of assessment. 
Connect, Share, Learn, Do. Culture of shared knowledge is so important - we know how to connect and share knowledge - lets get started!

1. elearning = the e is for effective. Using the technology of today to help cause learning. A thinking teacher who adapts to change is the best app.
Taupaki School Stephen Lethbridge and JJ Purton Jones

2. Digital de-cluttering. Linking your tools. Sustaining eLearning. Megan Iemma and David Kinane

3. Better writing online. Up your game. Chrissie Butler

Bonus takeaway:
The brilliant breakout, The Writing Classroom from Mary-Anne Murphy and Catriona Pene (but my colleague Tracey has dibs on sharing that). Its structure has inspired planning for our teacher only day in 2014.

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