Monday, 4 November 2013

Cluster Day 4: U Learn and Beyond

We are meeting at Te Mata School on Friday at their library. Thank you so much to Mike Bain, Danielle Burroughs and Kate Hindmarsh for hosting.

Apps for a writing workshop
There are 21 confirmed. Of the 20 attending in the morning, 13 will be sharing from ULearn. We will be sitting in groups of 4, then rotating around. Everyone getting a chance to hear from everyone. It is expected that those who didn't attend ULearn share ideas or examples of eLearning from your class or school. It's all interesting and beneficial, even if it's been seen before, it is the pedagogy and the way we use tools (not the tools themselves) which are important. All of us are sure to have connections, ideas and examples to keep the professional conversations going.

At the end of the B.Tict session, we will add examples right here, on this blog.

U Learn post-conference website

Please visit the ULearn website where there are photos, links to videos, quotes from delegates, as well as prize winners, news, etc.
IFTTT: put the internet to work for you

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