Friday, 5 April 2013

Group 2 Notes 5.4.13

Te Mata

We have 4 iPads per junior class, 6 per middle classes, and 1 to 1 in the senior school.

Maths- we don't use games much- only for specific skills for eg to practice something at the end of a task board.

Danielle has used the iPads to teach strategies.
-Explain Everything... Kids explain their thinking while writing their working out. This has been previously taught so that the children know exactly what to do.
Kids can also reflect on their work if they make a mistake by adding text

-doodle buddy- use pictures, backgrounds and text to show maths. For example, what makes ten, practising writing teen numbers etc
-popplet- take photos of kids and get them to brainstorm what makes 10 Screen chomp- children can write down a problem and record their thinking as they go.

Good ideas for fast finishers
-solve outbreak
-rainforest heros- tauranga
-fit brains
- origami- use actual paper but kids learn to follow instructions etc -kid fit -science 360

Pad gadget- top 200 educational apps
Jackie sharp- both good websites to find apps to put onto your iPads

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  1. I haven't used Explain Everything but looks worth the $4. Show Me and Educreations can do similar for free but need accounts. Sorry I missed your presentation but great to have this blog for sharing notes.