Friday, 5 April 2013

Blogging links and ideas

  • Frimley's organisation of school and children's personal blogs based around the Point England site.
  • We have moved from a totally enclosed, protected environment to one where the blogs are open and visible to all. Children enjoy sharing their learning and love the immediate feedback they get.
  • We need to teach children how to comment: (from Primary Tech blog)
    • modelling and composing comments together  on the IWB,
    • teaching students about the “letter” format during writing lessons,
    • giving examples of a poor/high quality comments and having students vote whether the comment should be accepted or rejected,
    • having students read and comment on a post on our blog as part of a literacy rotation on the computer each week.
  • Ideas for encouraging parents to participate on the Primary Tech blog.
  • Slideshare about reading, writing and blogging from Langwitches:


  1. Hi there. Thanks very much for the acknowledgement. I have enjoyed following your blogging journey and the opportunities you have offered your learning community by sharing publicly.

    Pt England / Manaiakalani

  2. Thanks, Dorothy for sharing what you have learned along your journey. That's what the Beacon teachers are about - sharing, collaborating and learning so we can help,our children become successful in their own learning.